We Dignify Thoughts

INSAN has become a unique discussion hub for intellectuals, humanists and other stakeholders to discuss best thoughts and practices in policy making, government as well as in nurturing society.

Partnership and Networking for Human Prosperity

INSAN aims to support Afghan research and empower academia through comprehensive networking, sharing knowledge and facilitating with setting social research standards and norms.

First Annual Dialogue on Afghan History

To create platforms for policy debates, experts-speaks and public engagement programs to make space for new national debates

Who We Are

INSAN is an independent organisation consisting of a group of experts, primarily volunteers, with diverse backgrounds and expertise. We are united in our commitment to enlightenment and human prosperity and strive to achieve our goals through media and public advocacy, education, and high-quality research and studies.

How We Work

INSAN's mission is both simple and complex. We strive for enlightenment, human prosperity, reasoning, and science through various programs that spread ideas, multi-disciplinary and field research, public opinion-based policy recommendations, and engagement with experts, policymakers, and practitioners and through dialogues.

Our History

INSAN Magazine was founded in the spring of 2013 as a quarterly publication. The founders defined the Magazine's mandate and mission as advocating for and spreading humanistic values, rational thought, scientific thought, philosophy, and human sciences. The Magazine's primary focus was on three disciplines of human sciences:

Notable Initiatives

The History Week

The History Week is an initiative that seeks to address the challenges faced by the study of Afghan history in the wake of war and destruction. The prolonged conflict in Afghanistan not only result..

INSAN Academy

INSAN has launched Public Intellectual Initiative - now INSAN Academy that commits to educating common masses students and researching how to navigate through this complexity. The challenge ahead i..

Soraya Women Forum

The Soraya Women's Forum is …

Afghanistan Research Network

The Afghanistan Research Network (ARN) is committed to supporting and empowering the Afghan
academic community through comprehensive networking efforts. Many Afghan researchers still

" INSAN, a once locally based organization in Afghanistan, has now transformed into a globally exiled organization. The need to protect our people and intellectual capital has never been greater."


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