New Edition

This edition focuses on Language and linguistic studies. Released after a prolonged delay and published outside of Afghanistan, several factors contributed to the postponement, notably the absence of a legitimate government and media laws, alongside various organizational hurdles.

This edition of the magazine comprises 13 unique articles and has undergone minor modification in size compared to previous editions. Towards the end of the magazine, there is a list of people and terms used by our writers in various styles, along with references to the articles, their formats, and selected versions. Noteworthy mentions have been added as footnotes wherever necessary.

Spans across pages 8, 24, 36, and 66 of this edition feature LANDAYS, a form of poetic folklore originating from Pashtun women. Academician Sulaiman Layeq has noted that LANDAY is an essential example of the Pashtun worldview. These poems were created by Pashtun women who had undergone inhumane conditions for centuries. The poetic expression of LANDAY serves as a poignant voice of resistance against the oppressive regime still prevailing in Afghanistan.

Page four pays homage to the significant work "History of Letter and Ancient Writings of Afghanistan" by Allama Abdulhai Habibi. First published in 1971 in Kabul, this comprehensive resource stands as a testament to Afghanistan's rich literary heritage and ancient script traditions.


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